3U to 1U Eurorack Adapter

3U to 1U Adapters

15$ each + shipping USD
PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BELOW. It makes it a lot easier and quicker.
I NEED ALL OF THIS INFORMATION WHEN YOU EMAIL ME PLEASEE!!!!! Sorry to write this big but many people don’t read it all and we loose time emaling back and forth
Email me to buy, copy this template on the email and fill it:
– How many adapters: 
– Intellijel or Pulplogic format: 
– Name:
– Complete address: 
– Phone number: 
– Do you want tracking number: 
If you choose no tracking, send payment on paypal as friends method, in this case i will be not responsible if it get lots in the mail, but it never happened yet.
I’m located in canada so here is the shipping cost details:
Shipping to canada or usa tracked is 15$
Shipping to canada or usa not tracked is 5$
Shipping to elsewhere than canada or usa is usualy 10$ not tracked or aproximately 20-25$ for tracked.
I will give you the total amount once you send me an email.
All prices are USD$
3U to 1U Adapters 15$ each + shipping
2 Formats available:
Pulplogic 1u size can fit up to 6hp of 3u modules
Intellijel 1u size can fit up to 4hp of 3u modules
Both formats are 26hp wide
3u module(s) mounts inside the adapter using the usual m3 x 6mm eurorack screws and a m3 nut to fix modules inside them. I include 4 screws and 4 nuts for each adapter you buy.
Shipped as a letter in small padded enveloppe, most of the time 5$ to Canada or USA for 1 or 2 pcs but more than this i need to use tracking at about 15$. I can also ship to international. I’m not responsible if package gets lost without tracking.
Prices are USD currency. Shipped from Canada
Pm me with the format you want, how many and your complete address please.

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