3U to 1U and 1U to 3U Eurorack Adapters

3u to 1u and 1u to 3u adapters for eurorack modular synthesizers

What does it do?
3U to 1U Adapter allows you to fit 3u modules in a 1u row.

1U to 3U Adapter allows you to fit 1u modules in a 3u row.

Details about the 3U to 1U adapters:
Pulplogic format can fit up to 6hp of 3u modules inside.
Intellijel format can fit up to 4hp of 3u modules inside.
Both formats are 26hp wide

Details about the 1U to 3U adapters:
Pulplogic format can fit up to 22hp of 1u modules inside and are 10hp wide
Intellijel format can fit up to 22hp of 1u modules inside and are 8hp wide.

What is it made of?
They are made of PCB material with black solder mask and hasl plating (in other words: black and silver), 1.6mm thick. It is the same as the make noise and other manufactuers that uses pcb’s as panels. It can bend a little without modules installed in them, but once the modules are in, it’s pretty solid and i had not even one bad experience from customers so far.

How to use it?
Each adapter comes with 4 screws and 4 nuts. You can let me know if you think you need more than that i will be happy to include more for really reasonable price. You just need to put the screw at the top and the nut under the adapter, it will hold the module on the adapter one on top of each other (see pictures below).

Shipping options:

-> No tracking = send payment on paypal as friends method, in this case i will be not responsible if it get lots in the mail, but it never happened yet

-> With tracking = you can send as friends method if you trust me, that way i will have no paypal fees but if you send as goods method i will have fees which is fine because you want tracking number but you need to have your paypal postal address correct.

I can’t ship to another address other than the one in your paypal if you pay using goods method. If you choose no tracking i can’t be responsible if it gets lost in the postage, it didnt happen yet but i prefer to say upfront.

Shipping cost:
Shipping to Canada or usa tracked is 15$
Shipping to Canada not tracked is 5$
Shipping to USA not tracked is between 5$ and 10$
Shipping to elsewhere than canada or usa is usualy 10$ not tracked or aproximately 20-35$ for tracked.

Price is 15$ USD each.
I will give you the total amount once you send me an email.
All prices are USD$

Don’t send money before i reply to you please.
Please read everything on this webpage before sending me an email.
I know it can be confusing at first with theses 4 types to choose from so please double check what you need and if you need help just send me an email i will be happy to help!
Email me to buy.
Copy this template below, on the email and then fill it accordingly:
– How many 3u to 1u pulplogic format adapters: 
– How many 3u to 1u intellijel format adapters: 
– How many 1u to 3u pulplogic format adapters: 
– How many 1u to 3u intellijel format adapters: 
– Name and Lastname:
– Complete address: 
– Phone number (i need it if you choose tracked shipping)
– Do you want tracking number: 
***Please be aware that due to covid19 situation, there is a high probability of your package to take a more time until you receive it because postal services are overloaded***
How to install the modules inside:
3U to 1U Pulplogic Adapter:
3U to 1U Intellijel Adapter:
1U to 3U PulpLogic Adapter:
1U to 3U Intellijel Adapter:
More pictures:

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