Breadboard utility pcb’s

Breadboard utility pcb’s I was getting crazy having the sockets drop off the breadboard all the time so i made theses and one for the power input that daisy chain to another breadboard. There is 2 versions of the sockets 3.5mm, one is 4 in a row and the other is only 1 saving some […]

Free 10hp blank pcb panel gerbers template

Free 10hp blank pcb panel gerbers template Gerbers download zip file This site lets you compare prices from many pcb fab:¬† If you want black, use soldermask black when you order. Silkscreen is usualy white. HASL is cheaper, it makes silver look for holes and labels if you use soldermask layer in pcb software for […]

DIY 3.5mm Eurorack Jack Plug LED Bipolar RED/GREEN

So… I read a few things about how to make a diy jack with a led and decided to give a try. Turns out it’s neat and fun, also really easy to make!   Parts used Bipolar/Bicolor leds from aliexpress (beware, don’t get the blinking ones if you order somewhere else) Apparently they list […]

DIY Eurorack ribbon power cables

DIY Eurorack ribbon power cables tutorial Eurorack modules generaly need + and – 12vdc ¬†and a few (mostly new digital ones) requires also +5vdc. This current goes into your power supply, then goes to the bussboard using the 16-16 pins IDC ribbon cable. The buss board distributes this power to modules with 10-16 pins or […]

DIY 126hp 12U custom eurorack synth flight case

How to build a diy modular eurorack synth wooden case I will not go into exact measurements because it really depends on your rails. This is 12u and¬†126hp¬†ClicksClocks¬†black¬†rails, and i must say they are really good quality. They answered all my questions and i would recommend them to anyone. Almost everything else is from a […]