Solder Breadboard PCB

This is similar to a breadboard layout but with added potentiometers, spdt switches and sockets and made to solder instead of using jumper cables. For prototype purposes mostly for eurorack but can be used for other projects too! Potentiometers, spdt switches and sockets have their respective pins near them to solder a wiring cable or […]

3U to 1U and 1U to 3U Eurorack Adapters

3u to 1u and 1u to 3u adapters for eurorack modular synthesizers

What does it do? 3U to 1U Adapter allows you to fit 3u modules in a 1u row. 1U to 3U Adapter allows you to fit 1u modules in a 3u row. Details about the 3U to 1U adapters: Pulplogic format can fit up to 6hp of 3u modules inside. Intellijel format can fit up to 4hp […]

NASA soldering quality test

NASA soldering quality test Just a quick post to share this pdf. It’s quite old now but i think still very relevant and very useful to see how much different solder joints can look and how to do it properly. Download link: NASA Soldering Basics

Breadboard utility pcb’s

Breadboard utility pcb’s I was getting crazy having the sockets drop off the breadboard all the time so i made theses. They all have 2.54 holes for standard female or male headers that are linked to their respective pins. The ones using the whole row from top to bottom of the breadboard have dedicated hole […]

Free 10hp blank pcb panel gerbers template

Free 10hp blank pcb panel gerbers template Gerbers download zip file This site lets you compare prices from many pcb fab: If you want black, use soldermask black when you order. Silkscreen is usualy white. HASL is cheaper, it makes silver look for holes and labels if you use soldermask layer in pcb software for […]

The book of bad ideas V2.pdf

Modular synth tips and ideas I was cleaning some folders and saw this “The book of bad ideas V2.pdf” i saved from Muffwiggler forum a while ago. I’m sure some of you did not seen it yet. Many useful tips and such. The book of bad ideas V2   Contents 1.0 Tools & Techniques 1.1 […]