Breadboard utility pcb’s

Breadboard utility pcb’s

I was getting crazy having the sockets drop off the breadboard all the time so i made theses and one for the power input that daisy chain to another breadboard.

There is 2 versions of the sockets 3.5mm, one is 4 in a row and the other is only 1 saving some space on the breadboard for when i want to have just 1 socket at a specific location on the breadboard. The sockets have 2.54 headers at the left to connect the breadboard cables. They all have a ground pin for a multimeter probe or oscilloscope probe.

I’m waiting for another one that supports 9mm potentiometers. Will post pics soon.

I don’t have some for sale at the moment but if you want a considerable amount of them i could place an order. Well the only ones i have left for sale are the single sockets ones like this:

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