DIY 3.5mm Eurorack Jack Plug LED Bipolar RED/GREEN

So… I read a few things about how to make a diy jack with a led and decided to give a try. Turns out it’s neat and fun, also really easy to make!


Parts used

Bipolar/Bicolor leds from aliexpress (beware, don’t get the blinking ones if you order somewhere else)

Apparently they list them as 3mm… they are indeed the ones i used…

I think theses would work too.


Then resistors:

470 ohm resistor or about the same value will work. I used the smaller resistors because it’s way easier to fit it inside. It depends on your led, i like them bright but not too much, some use 1k instead. You can calculate here :

I use theses 3.5mm plugs

You basicly just need to solder the led on the resistor and jack, then i added some heatshrink 6mm but it’s not really needed. There’s too much solder in there but it was the first i made, practice makes perfect!

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