Music Thing Modular Turing Machine Quick Start Manual Guide

Music Thing Modular Turing Machine Quick Start Manual Guide



Eurorack modular synth DIY project

This is beginner / intermediate DIY project. If you feel confidant about your soldering skills, go ahead and have fun !

You can buy kits or partial kits at Thonk or SynthCube and for sexy looking panel visit Grayscale.


Quick start guide



For more detailed information :

Turing machine

Turing machine produces clocked randomly changing control voltages that can be locked into repeating loops (8, 16 or 32 steps)

Documentation PDF for Turing Machine from Music Thing Modular


Documentation PDF for Turing Machine Expanders from Music Thing Modular
There is 2 expanders from Music Thing Modular : Voltages and Pulses.


Voltages is 8 stage random looping step sequencer. It has faders with leds wich you can change colors (watch out for brightness level, you may have to change the resistor network to attenuate the brightness of some leds, they use 2x3x4mm square leds wich you can find on ebay). It’s controlled by the main Turing machine and has 2 outputs : one is normal with scale control and the other one is inverted with a shift control that raises the voltage up to 9 volts for positive only usage on other modules.


Pulses is a random looping clock divider and it has 7 outputs also controlled by the main module. Clock lenght follows the clock input on turing machine main module. You can input square wave into clock input and modulate it to control turing machine and pulses with pulse width modulation.


Backpack is not really an expander but it adds headers and reverse polarity protection wich is very important in case you connect it backwards.

Other expanders

There is also other expanders available at Circuit Shaman, “Bytes” is popular choice. It can break the fixed step lenght and control voltage the steps values.


Pictures of the build





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