Reading resistor values


Reading resistor values

I hope you’re not colorblind ! Resistors are color coded in a way that we can easily find it’s value without any guide or chart but with some memorizing tips.

Here’s an application for android. It scan the colors on your resistor and tells you its value : Resistor Decoder for Android

Or for Apple users : Circuit Playground

Advanced users would find Electronics 2000 more useful. It has many features wich you can find in details on their website.


Resistor color stripes explained


So in the picture above we have :
1 (first brown stripe)
(second brown stripe)
0 (black stripe)
x 100 (red stripe is multiplier, this is the last stripe before the tolerance stripe)

So 110 x 100 = 11000
Wich also equals to 11k ohms.


Here’s an easy trick to remember resistor values

Just remember the color spectrum !




Synthrotek made a wheel for visual reference.


Color wheel by synthrotek.


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